Sources of Strength

If you are in need of immediate help:

Sources of Strength is one of the first suicide prevention programs that uses Peer Leaders to enhance protective factors associated with reducing suicide at the school population level. Our mission is to help students and staff turn to their strengths and their supports that are all around. Sources of Strength has been shown to:

  • Increase youth-adult connectedness
  • Increase in Peer Leader’s school engagement

Peer Leaders in larger schools were four times more likely to refer a suicidal friend to an adult and Increase positive perceptions of adult support for suicidal youth and the acceptability of seeking help. Learn more about Sources of Strength.

We are a group of diverse students and adults from many different corners and cultures of our school and community. We believe that life has ups and down, that all of us will go through good times and tough times. Our mission is to ensure that during the rough times no one gets so overwhelmed or hopeless that they want to give up.

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Questions:  Veronica Covarrubias, Allison Menchel, Greg Myers

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