United Minority Girls

Spring 2018

UMG Students visit The College of William and Mary


A weekly support group for minority girls (Black, Latino and Asian) seeking to attend college sponsored by Tim Cotman and Wendy Maitland. Girls become eligible their junior year based upon their academic coursework in either intensified and/or advanced classes. Minority girls who have achieved a high GPA will be invited to join this group beginning the second semester of junior year.

The purpose of this group is to provide girls with additional support as they consider college. Topics will include preparing to take the SAT and ACT tests, having discussions about college – what to look for, how to narrow your choices, public or private schools, etc. In addition, these girls participate in a two day college trip to visit four colleges each spring. Additional resources include:

  • Summer enrichment opportunities at colleges or in the community
  • Increased level of bonding as a peer group of young minority women facing the challenges of college admission
  • Assistance with college selection and applications in the fall of senior year
  • Individual counseling related to college applications, FAFSA assistance, scholarships and making final college decisions
  • Guest Speakers – former UMG members now in college or graduate school, as well as successful minority professional women