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Nate Hailey, Director of Student Activities

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LaRenda Bigsby, Administrative Assistant



APS provides an opportunity to purchase student accident insurance. Medical bills for injuries that happen on school grounds or at school–sponsored events are the parents’ responsibility. If you do not have medical insurance and believe that payment will be a hardship for you, APS provides the opportunity for you to purchase school accident insurance. It is highly recommended that parents consider using this as a secondary insurance for their student athlete. QBE Insurance Corporation will provide school accident insurance for each school year. It may be purchased online (click below). School Athlete Accident Insurance Information LetterEnglish/Español Information about the Family Access to Medical Insurance Security (FAMIS) program Commercial School Accident Insurance Enrollment Website For directions on how to enroll in the commercial school accident insurance plan click here. For coverage information in English click here. Para información en español oprime aquí. For a claim form click here.


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Wakefield is a member of the Virginia High School League (VHSL), which governs interscholastic sports and activities in Virginia. The VHSL establishes and maintains standards for student activities and competitions that promote education, personal growth, sportsmanship leadership and citizenship. One of these standards is the eligibility requirements for athletes.