Spanish Immersion at Wakefield

Wakefield serves as the home for Arlington Public Schools’ high school level of the Spanish dual-language partial immersion program. The immersion program at Wakefield is designed to continue and expand on the study of Spanish language and culture begun in elementary and middle school and to increase the study of Spanish literature. Wakefield has been recognized as an International Spanish Academy by the Spanish Embassy in Washington, DC and the Spanish Ministry of Education.

In 2015, Wakefield Won “School of the Year,” by the Embassy of Spain. As a prize, two students traveled to Spain and took  classes for free (Tuition, Room, and Board paid.) This award winner is selected by the Spanish Ministry of Education and the Spanish Embassy in the US to recognize exceptional Spanish language programs among the schools in the US and Canada that are part of the International Spanish Academy (ISA) network.


Wakefield’s Spanish Immersion Students at a Glance:

  • 2014-2015 & 2015-2016, 2016-2017 100% Spanish Immersion Students passed the Biology SOL test
  • 2014-2015 & 2015-2016,2016-2017 100% Spanish Immersion students passed the AP Language Test- College Credit
  • 2014-2015 85% Spanish Immersion students passed the AP Literature Test– College Credit
  • 2015-2016 86% Spanish Immersion students passed the AP Literature Test– College Credit
  • 2016-2017 83% Spanish Immersion students passed the AP Literature Test– College Credit
  • 2014-2015 & 2015-2016, 2016-2017 100% Passing DELE* Exam.
  • Seal of Biliteracy earned for those with a 3 or higher on AP Lang.
  • Spanish Immersion seniors receive a Certificate of Excellence awarded by the Embassy of Spain.
  • Students travel internationally to use language skills in the summer.
  • Students use summer experiences in Spanish Speaking Countries as their senior project.


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DLI Program at Wakefield Presentation


Immersion Program Requirements:

Students must take and pass a minimum of three Spanish world language courses and two content courses taught in Spanish within the Spanish Immersion Track at Wakefield High School. Upon graduation from Wakefield, students may earn their Spanish Immersion Certificate from the Spanish Ministry of Education.

World Language Courses Content Courses Taught in Spanish

Spanish Immersion 9

Spanish for Fluent Speakers III

Spanish Level V

AP Spanish Language & Culture

AP Spanish Literature

Advanced Studies in Spanish

Intensified Immersion Biology (9th)

Intensified Immersion Chemistry (10th or 11th)

Immersion Algebra I (9th or 10th)

Immersion Geometry (9th or 10th)

Spanish-Focused Senior Project (12th)

Content courses may vary yearly

  • Immersion students are required to take Spanish Immersion 9 and one AP Spanish Language course and pass the corresponding AP exam with a 3 or higher.  If a student doesn’t pass AP exam with a 3, they may satisfy this requirement by earning a rating of B1 on the DELE.
  • Students may choose their third Spanish World Language course, and are encouraged to take four whenever possible.

Students must pass the DELE A-2/B-1 Spanish Exam.

  • The DELE is a test of Spanish proficiency administered by the Spanish Ministry of Education and the Spanish Embassy. The results of the test can be used to partially meet admission requirements to a Spanish university.
  • Immersion students take the DELE Exam free-of-charge during their 11th grade year and must pass at least the A-2 level.  Retakes are possible in the fall of 12th grade at no cost.
Wakefield DLI Program Pathway

Wakefield DLI Program Pathway


How are we effective?

  • Students who have completed the immersion program at Wakefield graduate being bilingual and biliterate in both English and Spanish.
  • Our school has an integrated curriculum that prepares the students to participate in international programs to complete higher education degrees.
  • Students take up to three rigorous Spanish Advanced Placement classes before graduating.
  • Immersion students become members of the Spanish Honor Society, engaging in volunteer work and tutoring novice Spanish students.

Questions about the Spanish Immersion Program can be directed to the Office of English Learners at (703)228-6095.  You can also visit APS’ Dual Language Immersion page for more information about the program K-12.