Freshman Foundations

Program At a Glance

Ninth Graders come to high school ready for the important challenge of passing through adolescence to adulthood, preparing themselves for a successful entrance into the post-high school world of higher education, job and career commitment, and social maturity. Our high school program is designed to prepare students for success in the intellectual, social, and physical domains of adulthood.

In our Foundation for the Academic Excellence Program, we will provide ninth grade students who have just exited the middle school with the fundamental intellectual and learning tools to succeed academically in all high school years. They will acquire skills, content knowledge, and intellectual acumen to master intensive blocks of advanced level subject area instruction.

Personalized Instruction

Students are grouped into academic teams, or “Houses,” for a portion of their school day.  They are taught by a team of teachers who get to know each student.  The teachers are able to differentiate instruction and provide enrichment, remediation, and acceleration as appropriate.

Interdisciplinary Learning

The House organization allows for the team of teachers to plan together and develop interdisciplinary units.  These units allow students to see connections between content areas and transfer knowledge and learning to real life experiences.  Technology is taught as a tool to support learning in all areas.

Student Responsibility for Learning

Students acquire the skills and intellectual tools to learn to take responsibility for their own learning, to develop confidence in their own growing abilities to set personal goals, to manage time and commitments to meet these goals.  They also begin to establish long-term goals in post-high school and career plans.