Student Government Association & Delegate Assembly

Sponsor: Victoria O’Brien
Meetings: Thursdays during Warriors Period, Room C-310

SGA: President- Eli Sampson, Vice President- Grace Bryant, Secretary- Jackson Ringger, Treasurer-  Andrea Rivera

Senior Class: 2019- President- Anne Felipe, Vice President- Ruth Haileselassie, Secretary- Joey Mazel, Treasurer- Walla Salih

Junior Class: 2020- President- Claire Brophy, Vice President- Bohdi Patil, Secretary- Faith Achugamonu, Treasurer- Jennifer Delgadillo

Sophomore Class: 2021- President- Eliana Gilman, Vice President- Kareena Stowers, Secretary- Avery O’Kane, Treasurer- Reina Cooper

Freshman Class: 2022- President- Ceanne Rennie, Vice President- Claudia Bryant, Secretary- Zoë Clark, Treasurer- Kayla Mattlack


Delegate Assembly is an opportunity to have more student voices involved in SGA to:

  • provide information,
  • address student concerns, and
  • gives classes time to meet.

Delegate Assembly consists of one delegate per WP, the full SGA executive board, and all class officers. Class delegates will bring concerns, comments, questions from the student body to the meeting and report back to their WP with important news.Dates: October 4, November 1, January 10 and March 7 in A-134, and on April 4 we will meet in the auditorium.Time: 3rd period (10:00-10:45)Class colors are as follows:

  • Freshman wear white
  • Sophomores wear green
  • Juniors wear grey
  • Seniors wear black

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Wakefield SGA

RT @tidslapointe: The Interact 5k for Suicide Prevention was a big success. Thank you to everyone who donated and/or came out this morning…
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Wakefield SGA

RT @WHS_ItsL17: Prom ticket sales have been extended till Friday June 2nd! $50 each and 2 for $80 🎉
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