Junior and Senior Cohort Members at Virginia Tech Nov. 2018

Tim Cotman and Wendy Maitland


Meetings are held in B122 during all lunches

Tuesday: Sophomores
Wednesday: Juniors
Thursday: Seniors
Friday: Freshman (after 1st quarter)

The Wakefield Cohort program makes a lasting impact on the lives of each of its members. The program provides Latino and African Americans, with a “C” or better in each of their classes, guidance throughout their high school careers. Each of the Wakefield Cohorts meet by grade level on a specific day during their lunch period. They are provided pizza for lunch.

“Cohort has most definitely opened up my eyes and taught me some very important skills,” said Mukturu Jalloh, Wakefield Class of 2012. The weekly meetings provide interesting discussion and important information. “We talk about a lot of things, school, grades, classes, and even girls,” said Oscar Lobos, a Cohort member. The program also goes on an annual fall college trip for the Junior and Senior members. The boys visit four college campuses, take tours, and have the opportunity to ask representatives from each university any questions they have. As a member of Cohort, the boys will have an opportunity to be on 10 college campuses by the middle of their senior year.