Scholarship Information

All Scholarship information can be found at Naviance

Paying for a college education is an enormous piece of the college application process. Not only do you have to get accepted to the university, you also have to pay for it. There are several ways to finance a college education and scholarships are a wonderful way to earn money just for being you. It takes hard work for a CHANCE at winning a scholarship but when you win, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you earned it.

There are several ways that parents and students can receive scholarship information:

  • Students can come directly to the college and career office and ask me for scholarship information.
  • Students need to stay alert during the 1st period announcements.
  • Parents and students can use Wakefield’s Naviance to get the latest information on scholarships.
  • Parents can get connected with the Wakefield’s PTA listserv. Emails are sent often when opportunities become available.
  • Parents and students can “GOOGLE” your way to scholarship information; just don’t pay anyone for what should be free applications. Simply type your search terms (e.g. “scholarship bowling left handed”) and search through the results. Please feel free to share your results with us too!

We are also developing a new list called, “The Scholarship Cycle,” which will give a general timeline of typical scholarships that Wakefield students have applied to. Specifics are not always available but “The Scholarship Cycle” should give you a good idea of some of the scholarships that are coming up.