Exploring Careers at Wakefield High School

It is important that each one of our students develop a better sense of their career options while at Wakefield. There are a many ways that students and parents can explore career options. Some examples are:

  • College and Career counselor
  • Naviance
  • Classroom lessons
  • Electives Fair
  • Career Day (Sophomores)
  • APS College and Career Corner

Please visit the APS College and Career Corner for more information about College and Career planning!

We also encourage our students and families to seek additional internship and volunteer opportunities to explore career interests. These opportunities may be available during the school year but summer is also an excellent time when many of these opportunities become available. In addition, summer programs at universities and colleges are great venues to discover new interests and develop new ideas. We recommend planning in advance for these opportunities. Typically, summer opportunities will be advertised starting in January and be due by March-May.