Students with Special Needs

The Wakefield Counseling Department supports our students with special needs in a variety of ways. Counselors are involved in the identification process and work with teachers and the special education team to ensure that all students have the support services necessary for a high quality education. Specifically, Wakefield counselors assist families and students in the following processes:

  • Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) – For students that have not been identified with a disability but there is a documented history of under-performance. The team consists of teachers, administrators, parents, the student, and additional support staff.
  • Section 504 Accommodations – Students with an identified condition may seek accommodations through a “504” process.
  • College Board testing accommodations (for AP, PSAT and SAT Exams) – Counselors and special education case carriers work with students and families to facilitate the accommodation request. Once the request is sent, the College Board will review the documentation and the College Board will make the determination of granted accommodations for all College Board examinations.