Academic Planning

What is an Academic Plan?
APS requires that every student in grades 6-12 have an academic plan which charts the sequence of courses that each student will take throughout middle and high school. The plan will reflect high expectations, be based on the talents, interests and challenges of each student. We are aware that students’ goals for careers and higher education change, sometimes dramatically, as they progress through middle and high school and learn about new opportunities. Each year the student and school counselor will review the academic plan and make revisions as needed.

The purpose of the academic plan is to create an individualized personal plan that links the student’s career interests to course selection. The academic plan outlines classes that meet graduation requirements as well as identifying post-graduation goals. During the academic planning process, each student has the opportunity to meet with the school counselor to discuss her/his educational and career goals. Students have an opportunity to engage in career exploration that helps them learn more about how their interests match with a career field before they meet with the school counselor. This information helps the student and the school counselor in determining the best course selection for meeting the graduation requirements as well as developing a plan for life after graduation. Parents and families are strongly encouraged to be a part of the meeting to learn more about their student’s career interests, the various academic options for earning a diploma, the difference between diploma types as well as the most appropriate challenging course selection. College and career information is also provided during the meeting. For more information regarding Academic Planning, please visit Aspire2Excellence.

When will my child’s counselor meet to complete Academic Planning?
At Wakefield, counselors meet with every student, every year to develop an academic plan. Wakefield counselors have an agreed upon time frame to meet with students from each class. If you are interested in participating in an academic planning session with your child, please contact your child’s school counselor to arrange a meeting during the times listed below. However, if these dates do not work with your schedule, we are flexible, and will accommodate your schedule.

  • Seniors: Transition Planning Meeting
  • Juniors: Academic Planning Meeting and Transition Planning Meeting
    November-December (Beginning of Winter Break) and April-May
  • Sophomores: Academic Planning Meeting
    January 15th-April
  • Freshmen: Academic Planning Meeting
    January 15th-June