Attendance Rules

  • A student must attend each Senior Project class unless the student has permission from his/her TA (teacher/advisor) to be elsewhere.
  • Every senior must have their laminated orange SP pass from the TA before working in the library or with another teacher. Students who sign out of class are signing out to leave the building. If you plan to go somewhere else in the building, you need to have your laminated SP pass.
  • Before any senior may leave campus during class time, he/she must have the permission of the parent/guardian and the TA, as well as administrative approval. Seniors who sign out must follow the documentation protocol established by their TA.  Students must sign out IN PERSON.  Calling, texting or emailing is not sufficient.  This is an accountability and liability issue.
  • Independent study students are required to meet with their advisors at least once every two weeks. Each meeting should be documented with a student summary and the advisor’s signature in the journal.
  • No senior, including independent study students, may be in the hall or the library without a pass, even after completing his/her Senior Project.

Get to class. Attendance is not optional

Attendance, Effort, and Final Grades

  • For every quarter a student was marked “U”, his/her final grade will be lowered one letter.
  • If a student was marked “U” for 3 or more quarters, his/her highest possible grade will be a “D.”