Quarter Grades

  • Quarter grades are either: S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory).
  • To earn an “S” (Satisfactory) the student must:
    • document and verify at least 7.5 hours in journal biweekly
    • avoid unexcused absences and tardies
    • submit the journal to the TA biweekly
    • conference with the TA biweekly
    • complete all Senior Project assignments for the quarter

Final Grades

  • At the presentations, Senior Projects will be evaluated as: Outstanding, Pass Plus, Pass, or Incomplete (I).
  • On the report card, the grades will show as follows: A (Outstanding); B (Pass Plus); C (Pass), and I (Incomplete) if the student must finish the project in Summer Institute.
  • A student who satisfactorily completes a Senior Project but was marked “U” as the quarter grade 3 or more times will earn “D” as the final grade for Senior Project.
  • A student will not be eligible for an “A” if:
    • the student was marked “U” for any quarter
    • student received an I (Incomplete) first time project was presented
    • the student presents in Summer Institute
  • A student will not be eligible for a “B” if:
    • the student was marked “U” for two or more quarters
    • the student presents in Summer Institute


  • If a student receives a tentative “I” at the presentation, he/she will be given a few weeks to improve and complete the project.
  • If a student does not satisfactorily complete a Senior Project during the school year, he/she will be marked “I” as the final grade and will be required to complete a Senior Project in Summer Institute.

Final Exam Grade

If the student promptly writes thank you notes after the presentation, the FINAL EXAM grade will be marked “S.” If the student does not, the Final Exam grade will be “U.”

Summer Institute

Any student who fails to complete all Senior Project Basics will finish in SUMMER INSTITUTE. Senior Project Basics can be found on the Basic Requirements page.