What exactly is my job as a Senior Project consultant?

  • Meet with the student approximately once a month. Average meeting time: 30 minutes.
  • During those meetings, listen as the student discusses his/her project: progress, problems, etc…
  • Give the student feedback on his/her progress. Is the student making satisfactory progress? If not, be frank while there’s still time for him/her to improve. Ask to see evidence of progress, such as photos or actual samples of work.
  • Make suggestions. What could the student do to further explore the topic? Depending on the topic, you might suggest a book to read, a museum to visit, a play to see, or a person to interview.
  • Share your experience. Explain what you’ve learned so the student can benefit from your knowledge. Do you know a better way to get something done?
  • Ask the student to summarize each meeting in his/her journal and sign the journal to verify that the meeting occurred.
  • Contact Lisa Labella ( if the student is not meeting with you monthly or not making satisfactory progress. Senior Project is a graduation requirement. By working together, we can keep the student on the road to success.
  • Attend the student’s Senior Project presentation at Wakefield. The presentation and evaluation process will take 90 minutes. The student will notify you of the date and time of his/her presentation no later than a month before the presentation. If you are an Arlington teacher, Wakefield will pay for a half-day of professional leave.
  • Serve as one of four panelists who will be evaluating this student’s Senior Project. As the consultant, your input is essential.

On behalf of Wakefield, I would like to thank you for your willingness to mentor a student and serve as a Senior Project consultant.

Lisa LaBella,
Senior Project Coordinator