Basic Requirements

A student who does not meet these basic requirements will be required to complete Senior Project in Summer Institute.

  1. Senior Project cannot solely rely on what you already know but must demonstrate an aspect of new learning and growth, a learning stretch. Choose a challenging project topic and provide evidence that you have successfully completed your project
  2. Write in your journal at least once a week.
  3. Document a minimum of 7.5 hours in your journal every two weeks.
  4. Submit the journal to your teacher/advisor (TA)every two weeks.
  5. Arrive on timeand attend each Senior Project class unless you have permission from your TA (teacher/advisor) to be elsewhere.
  6. No later than15 school days before the presentation, produce both a journal that qualifies as a PASS or better and a 2nd draft of your Senior Project essay for your TA to review. (Refer to the journal and essay rubrics in the handbook.)
  7. No later than 10 school days before the presentation, submit your Senior Project Paperwork to Rm. 135. (The paperwork includes: the Panel Presentation Form, three (3) copies of Objectives and Methods, and three (3) copies of the essay.)
  8. Rehearse the entire presentation using your visual aids with your TA.
  9. Earn a PASS or better on the essay, oral presentation, and audio/visual aids.(Refer to the rubrics included in the handbook.)
  10. Write thank you notes promptly after your presentation.