Instructional Requirements

Senior Project cannot solely rely on what a student already knows but must demonstrate an aspect of new learning and growth (a learning stretch). Before a Senior Project is approved, the student must explain specifically how he/she will further develop a talent, grow in knowledge, or become more skillful. The form should be submitted to Lisa Labella in A-137 or at

For this project, the student must find a consultant, an expert who will provide regular instruction so significant progress is likely. The consultant may be a family member, an employer, a volunteer coordinator, a coach, or a professional instructor. The instruction can occur at home, at work, at the volunteer site, or in a classroom. The expert shares knowledge while correcting, guiding, and challenging the student to continually strive for improvement.

NOTE: Some experts may serve as Senior Project consultants. However, if a student’s expert is a family member, or under 21 years old, or not proficient in English, the student will need to find another person to serve as the consultant.