Journal Requirements


Buy a two-subject 8 ½” x 11” spiral notebook to use as your Senior Project journal.

First Section: Journal Entries

  • Write in your journal every day that you work on your project.
  • Summarize what you did that day. This type of standard journal entry belongs in the first section of your spiral notebook. Be specific. Tell who, what, when, where, and how. Include detailed accounts of what you did and what you learned.
  • Write about progress, problems, and next steps.
  • Get the signature of your consultant, parent, or other adult who can confirm your work on the date of the entry.
  • When possible, include memorabilia (photos, sketches, tickets, programs,
  • Summarize each meeting with your consultant in the first section of your notebook. Record what you discussed at the meeting.
  • Ask the consultant to verify each meeting by signing his/her name in your journal after your summary. Students are required to meet with their consultants periodically throughout the year. A minimum of three (3) or four (4) meetings is required.

Second Section: Research

  • Take notes as you read and research in the second section of your spiral notebook.
  • Record bibliographic information (works cited, URLs, Interview location, date) as you research because you will be required to include research in your Senior Project essay and required to cite the sources of your information.
  • Follow standard MLA documentation in your bibliography.
  • Use your school Noodle Tools Account to cite sources. Sign in with Google (on the right) using your APS One Login. See your librarians if you need help.