Student Writing

The following student essays are being posted on the Environmental News Network. The Environmental News Network (ENN) is a global provider of Environmental News. ENN has been an online environmental news source for 20 years aggregating and producing original content for twenty years. ENN’s mission is to inform, educate and inspire environmental discussion and action among our readers and contributors.

Recently ENN launched a subsection entitled “Collegiate Corner” to provide a contributory platform for students looking for recognition in their field. The work is entirely their own and represents academic content from all areas of the environmental spectrum. Students are not paid for their contributions but gain from the experience of publication. While this forum was originally created for undergrad, graduate and doctoral students, the students from Wakefield High School have demonstrated a strong aptitude for environmental journalism worthy of publication. ENN is pleased and proud to support that interest.

Student Submissions:
Flavio Avalos – Fossil Fuels vs. Renewable Resources
Reid Short – Fracking
McKaylee Reavis – Ocean Dumping
Christian Ramirez – Offshore Drilling
Jake Bucks – Factory Farming
Lydia Dunbar – Women’s Sport Information
Bay Gates-Food for Thought: Government Policies
Kacy Tucker-Strong Censorship for Children is Warranted