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Please note: Results are listed by place and the last name of the team leader, not by overall composite score. Student name(s) with media opt out preferences are indicated by ***.

Place Team Leader Group Member(s) Project Title
1 Abdelaziz, Nedim Alhadj, Mahamat; Abdu, Nadim The Effect of Salt Concentration on the Size of an Oscillating Current
1 Alavi, Zahra N/A The Effect of Yogurt on Plants
1 Alcorn Rodrigue, Amelia N/A What is the effect of rising sea level on the growth of native plant species in Arlington?
1 Carlson, Isla Vaughan, Kathleen The Effect of E. coli (K-12) on the Amount of Voltage Produced in a Microbial Fuel Cell
1 Dramstad, Brent N/A Testing Radiation on How Quickly Plants Germinate
1 Esquierdo, Hailey Wiangkham, Gavarin The Effect of Solubility of Carbon Dioxide at Various Temperature on Water.
1 Farhod, Shodi Newman, Elliot; Timur Shagimuratov Supercooling Water
1 Fried, Olivia Rozario, Ramy Does the amount of VOCs in regular paint vary from the amount of VOC in paint advertised as low VOC.
1 Galazin, Catherine N/A What is the Effect of Temperature on the pH of Medicine (Aspirin)?
1 Gazic, Dzenita Rizkallah, Rita The Correlation of Catalase Concentration in Various Tissues and Longevity
1 Haan, Meili Ley, Thi; Smith, Lauren The Effect of Weight on a Drone’s Battery Life
1 Haley, Elizabeth Enchos, Natalie The Effect of Water Flow on the Growth of Plants
1 Jabo, Ella n/a The Effect of Osmosis the Mass of an Egg
1 Klug, Aaron N/A Shake it Up
1 Korejwo, Zoe Denino, Leila The Effect of Different Types of Salt on the Speed of Making Ice Cream
1 Makonnen, Nathan N/A The Effect of the Amount of Elodea on the Levels of Dissolved Oxygen
1 Mann, Edwin Maldonado, Katherine Effect of Microagents on Bacterial Growth
1 Mazel, Megan N/A What is the effect of chemical runoff on the growth of plants?
1 Meaghan, Leahy Arango-Rojas, Sara; McCarthy, Maya The Effect of Moisturizing Agents on the Moisture of Skin
1 Mukhtar, Suheila N/A Renewable vs. Nonrenewable Fuels
1 Mukhtar, Zeinab N/A The Advancement of a Disposable Distillation Device
1 Papacosma, Charlotte n/a The Effect of the Urban Water Cycle on Microplastic Concentrations: An Arlington Case Study
1 Parker, William N/A The Effect of Frequencies on Plant Growth
1 Rahman, Md Nabil Fuqua, Stewart; Merritt, Songkram The Effect of the pH of Substances on the Oxidation of Fruit
1 Randolph, Nicole N/A The Effect of Hair Dye and Experience on the Health of Hair
1 Stowers, Kareena Reecer, Sofia The Effect of Different Locations and Altitudes on the Amount of Radiation Through the Use of a Cloud Chamber
1 Taylor, Mason N/A The Effect of Nano-silver on Pond Life and Water Quality
2 Ardaiz, Alexander N/A The Effect of Paper Type on Burn Time
2 Carlson, Rhys Coggins, Kathryn The Effect of Probiotics on the Rate of Plant Growth.
2 Clark, Zoe Sweeney, Nolan How does temperature affect the rate at which a solute dissolves within a solution?
2 Enderle, Gia Kohan, Abigail The Effect of Storm Drains on Flood Reduction
2 Gamboa, Sophie N/A What forces are present and effectual upon joints during tumbling?
2 Middleton, Sarah Hay, Elizabeth; Watkins, Evelyn The Effect of Rain on the pH of Different Bodies of Water
2 Mou, Josiah N/A Measuring Solubility of Saturated Solutions
2 Negussie, Yabsera N/A The Effect of Different Polymers on the Amount of Carbon Dioxide Filtered
2 *** N/A The Effect of Teachers’ Annual Income on SOL Scores in Virginia
2 Rasmussen, Alair N/A What is the effect of pH of water on the solubility of salt?
2 Ruiz, Nicol De Leon Herrera, Ester; Peterson, Kyra What is the effect of dyes on the pH of detergent water?
2 Tewelde, Luliya N/A How do Ultra Violet rays affect the number of virus and bacteria in water bodies?
2 Zarraf, Fatima Zahra Darko, Isabella The Effect of Amounts of Salinity on Plant Growth
3 Choudhury, Nusibha N/A pH levels of Watersheds in Northern Virginia.
3 Cifuentes, Celeste Trujillo, Jennifer What is the effect of the different types of methods on the time of turning hydrogen peroxide into water.
3 Coe, Elizabeth N/A The Effect of Different Composted Food Waste Nutrients on Plant Growth
3 Coe, Gretchen Abboud, Marie The Effect of the Type of Bread on Mold Growth
3 Cruz, Henry Lopez, Cristian; Hawa, Mustafa The Effect of Different Types of CPUs on a Computers Internet/Computing Capabilities or Speed.
3 Ford, Amelia Watts , Gabby The Effect of Different Detergents on Fabric
3 Galloway, Liliana Soliman, Iyar; Smith, Jadaiah How Different Enzymes Affect Stain Removal
3 Horsford, Bryson Jankovich, Zachary The Effect of Different Trajectory Angles on the Percentages of Makes on a Basketball Hoop
3 Kubiak, Bronwen N/A The Effect of pH on Corrosion of Pennies
3 Libelo, Hannah N/A The Effect of Location on the Types and Amounts of Microplastics in Four Mile Run
3 McCarley, Keish Libello, Hannah The Effect of Polyethane “Shade Balls” on Evaporation
3 Moan, Anna N/A The Effect of Perennial Ryegrass of Weed Growth
3 Moore, Emery Kelly, Mia; Barrientos, Lorena The Effect of the Amount of Baking Soda on the Hight of Cookies
3 Morales-Benavidez, Diego N/A The Effect of Various Chemicals on the Growth Rate of Algae
3 O’Grady, Michael Chavez, Izaiah The Effect of Chargers on Battery Life
3 Odeneal, Quinn N/A The Effect of Different Liquids on the Color of Skittles
3 Oliver, Danielle N/A The Effect of Pitch on a Resonance Box’s Volume
3 Perez, Khristel Andrade, Johanna 3 Diferentes Tipo de Agua en una Planta de Rabano
3 Rosas-Tapia, Liana N/A The Effect of Temperature on Yeast Fermentation
3 Spranger, Stephanie Doll, Anthony What is the effect of temperature on the enzymatic browning of bananas?
3 Tabassum, Abani Afeworki, Abby; Link, Kiersten The Effect of the Type of Milk on the Durability of Casein Plastic
3 Tadesse, Betania N/A Explore How Chromatography can Unmix Mixtures
3 Thomas, Landon Sassin, Danielle The Effect of Torque on a Pitcher’s Arm on the Speed of a Baseball
3 Westfall, Caroline N/A The Effect of Particle Size and Temperature on the Reaction Time of an Alka Seltzer Tablet
3 Woods, Sofia Woods, Isabella What is the effect of different types of drinks on your enamel?

A special thank you to the following for making this special opportunity possible to our students:

  • Our Science Fair judges who volunteered and evaluated all of our projects!
  • Wakefield’s Custodial Team (Mr. Castro, Mr. Sanchez, Ms. Bonilla, and countless others)
  • Wakefield’s Administrative Team (Dr. Willmore, Dr. Sanders, Ms. Hsu, Ms. Sahni, Mr. Turrisi, and Ms. Lee)
  • Wakefield’s Administrative Assistants Team (Ms. Berrios, Ms. Comeau, Ms. Lee-Mayo, and Ms. Panta)
  • Wakefield’s Gifted Resources Office (Ms. Maitland and our two student volunteers, Mardet and Makda)
  • Wakefield’s Media Center/Library (Ms. Glassman)
  • Wakefield’s Instructional Technology Office (Ms. Stokes-Beverley)
  • Wakefield’s PTSA (Ms. Uro, Ms. McIntyre, Ms. O’Brien, and many others)
  • Wakefield’s World Languages Department (Madame Wheelock)
  • Wakefield’s Science Department (Ms. Akpata, Mr. Calfee, Dr. El-Gamal, Ms. Gaither, Mr. Harris, Ms. Harris, Dr. Megargee, Dr. Munoz, Ms. Pettit, Ms. Puschkin, Ms. Sparrell, Dr. Tracy, Ms. Troiano, Mr. Thacker, and Ms. Warschaw)
  • APS CLT/ASL Office (Ms. Peters & Ms. Thrash-Thomas)
  • APS Science Office (Dr. Le, Ms. Lombard, Ms. Powell, and Ms. Reid)

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