School Supply List 2019-2020

Students take seven classes, and each teacher will have his/her own expectations for class supplies. Teachers usually include this information in the syllabus that is sent home during the first week of school.

If you would like to purchase supplies earlier than that, the list below can serve as a guide for what to purchase. Some supplies, like colored pencils, pencils, paper, etc., can usually be used for more than one class. However, some classes will require specific supplies that may only be used in that class.

Recommended supplies:
Loose leaf lined paper
Binders and/or subject notebooks
Black or blue pens
Colored pencils
Glue stick
Calculator (a graphing calculator is highly recommended for algebra, geometry, and higher level math courses; the TI-84 series is suggested)

In addition, EACH teacher will require certain supplies and they will inform you of those supplies on the first day of school.