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Email Communications

  • APS School Talk
    Parents are automatically enrolled in APS School Talk when they fill out their First Day Forms and provide the school with their email address. This is the primary way that the school and APS communicates with parents and the community.
  • How to join the Wakefield Booster and PTSA Listserv
    The Wakefield Booster and PTSA listserve is the main mode of communication from the PTA and Boosters to parents regarding PTSA, Boosters, sport schedules, college planning, volunteer requests and other events.


  • To sign on to ParentVue
  • If you do not have a ParentVue sign-on, contact the Help Center by email: or phone: 703-398-1426.

ParentVue is the website used to provide information on student attendance, courses, teachers, grades, missing work, GPA and past course work. Please note that grades are not up-to-the-minute, but are often only updated once a week or every other week by teachers. Use this as a general gauge of your child’s progress, and if you have questions about missing assignments or grades, you may want to speak with your child first, then contact the individual teachers if you have additional questions or concerns.

Social Media & Web

PTA National Standards for Family-School Partnerships

The Wakefield PTSA is committed to following these national standards in all our activities and practices:

  1. Welcoming all Families in the School Community
  2. Communicating Effectively
  3. Supporting Student Success
  4. Speaking Up for Every Child
  5. Sharing Power
  6. Collaborating with Community