Family and Community Engagement Committee / Comité Participación Familiar

2016-17 FACE Committee Activities

Co-Chairs: Amanda Gallardo (CIS Staff) and Gabriela Uro  (PTSA FACE Chair)

October 2016 – Hosted the Barcroft PTA at Wakefield, to increase our family and community ties. Met with HILT resource teachers and CIS; planning event at end of October and will invite HILT families for meal and conversation. Exploring skills programs, like those at AIM and Career Center, to expand educational and certification opportunities for HILT students. Coordinating conversations and exercises on resilience with Wakefield administration and clubs.

September 2016 – PTSA Meeting held on Saturday morning, Sept 17th, to see if more families would turn out. Almost half of our attendees were Spanish-speaking parents and guardians, and we had a large turnout. At that meeting, asked parents what their dreams are for their children, and what topics they would like to see the PTSA address this year.

August 2016 – Obtained feedback from teachers and staff on what the PTSA could do for them, and what they believed are important topics for the Wakefield PTSA to discuss with parents and guardians.

2015-16 Summary

Call with FACE committee in August 2016, facilitated by Karen Parker Thompson, Family Engagement Consultant, to summarize last year’s activities and plan for next year.

In 2015-16, the Face Committee:

  • Reviewed school-specific data from a variety of sources to determine the strengths and challenges identified.
  • Assisted with a Parent Cafe during 9th grade conferences.
  • Hosted a parent/guardian drop in cafe during two Saturday school sessions.
  • Provided support for FAFSA completion party.
  • Supported the CIS Family dinner and engaged families.
  • Held a Latino parent listening session.

The FACE committee determined that next year they would:

  • Support a literacy initiative, such as a community read event.
  • Reach out to other family and language groups within the Wakefield Community
  • Look for ways to further engage students in the community, to increase the level to which students feel engaged in and valued by the larger Arlington community.

NOTES from 2015-16 Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Meetings

Meeting on June 18th with Latino parent groupmeeting notes

COMMITTEE NEXT STEPS by April 15, 2016: Review at least one piece of data (from reports posted on the right portion of this page) and report the piece of data you belive we should be focusing on to improve.

  • What surprised you?
  • What struck you as the biggest issue for Wakefield?

Executive Planning SessionFebruary 5, 2016 in Wakefield Admin Conference Room 4:30-6:00 PM

  • Goal was to meet Karen Parker Thompson (FACE consultant) and plan for next meeting
  • The following list of information and surveys related to Wakefield was discussed and will be made available to FACE committee members at the next meeting for review and discussion, as well as to the community via the website.
  • List of Wakefield Smart Goals (Kathleen to obtain from Dr. Willmore)
  • Copy of the school’s management plan
  • Freshman Survey (Fall available, Dan is locating it)
  • Dan’s CIS Survey of families
  • 2015 Assets Survey for Wakefield (Kathleen to check with the Partnership for Children, Youth and Families)
  • List of what Wakefield is already doing for Family Engagement (Dan to compile this list)
  • Group wants to be clear about linking Family Engagement to learning at Wakefield.
  • Suggestion was to have at least one student participate on the FACE committee. Dan and Dr. Willmore will ask students to sit on the committee.
  • Rosa further discussed the “lab school” concept that she wants for APS – Wakefield is the high school component. Rosa has provided us with funding to have Karen Parker Thompson consult with us for 4 days.
  • Dr. Willmore expressed that one of his main goals is that students not believe graduation day is their ultimate goal; graduation is the beginning, not the end. He wants all students to graduate with a purpose and a plan for their post-graduation year(s).
  • Dr. Willmore also stressed that he doesn’t want new initiatives – he would like to see us strengthen and grow our current ones. The group concurred.

January 11, 2016 in the Wakefield Library from 4:15-5:15 PM – General Organizational meeting

  • Group determined that we want to identify one or two goals for the rest of the 2015-16 School Year.
  • Dr. Willmore and Dan announced that they have applied for a Family Engagement grant, describing the Home Visit program as an example of how Wakefield has engaged and welcomed incoming freshman to the school.
  • The FACE team would like to support and expand work that is already being done for engagement at Wakefield – one that Dr. Willmore and staff have already identified as a focus for the school, for example the literacy initiative.
  • The group heard from Rosa Briceno, the APS Family Engagement Coordinator, who indicated she has some funds to assist us with our initiative. She is looking to work with “lab schools” at each level – Drew is Elementary, Jefferson is Middle School and Wakefield is High School.
  • The group determined we would like to do an inventory of the information and surveys we already have. We will engage Family Engagement facilitator Karen Parker Thompson to assist with this effort, and facilitate the next FACE meeting at Wakefield.
  • Ms. Parker Thompson worked with Jefferson Middle School a few years ago to compile their surveys and create a report that was used as a blueprint for their Family Engagement activities for the past three years.
  • Next meeting cancelled due to snow – had been scheduled for Monday, January 25, 2016 at 5 pm.

FACE Resources





PTA National Standards for Family-School Partnerships

The Wakefield PTSA is committed to following these national standards in all our activities and practices:

  1. Welcoming all Families in the School Community
  2. Communicating Effectively
  3. Supporting Student Success
  4. Speaking Up for Every Child
  5. Sharing Power
  6. Collaborating with Community