Youth Will Be the Change: PTSA Reflections Winners 2021-2022

female activists holding protest sign

Vivian Alvarado who won for Outstanding Interpretation
in the High School Photography category for her Photograph,
“Youth will be the Change”.

Student drawing of girl, a bible and a globe

Gabriela Romero Martinez, who won for Outstanding
Interpretation in the High School Visual Arts category
for her Drawing.


Words That Change the World
Evelyn Rives
PTA Reflections 2021

Shelves of shadowed wood stretch tall
Towering tales that never fall
Embroidered carpet of golden feathers,
Full of big and small and swirling letters
In this room electric bulbs become candles
Chandeliers dangling in mighty castles
The world shifts as we imagine
A place with magic and laughter and passion.

Fireflies no longer fit in the palm of your hand
Whispers will draw you to a distant land
Horizons crafted with words spoken and written,
They bloom with the flowers and flames as they flicker
Words construct oceans and cliffs made of stone,
Sounds rearranged to give each a life of their own.

Chosen well or chosen wrong
They can spark hope, fuel anger or flow in song
In some way words will change the world,
The order, the rhythm, yet to be revealed
We are welcomed to the worlds of wizards and knights,
Of magic and fairies and dragons in flight
To the fantasies that we wish were our own,
Places that never fail to bring us home.

We find our help in stories,
These tales of sorrow and tales of glory
Each page is a piece to fit in its place,
Each word will fill the empty space.

But what happens when you don’t know what to say
When words die on your tongue and get lost on the way
How can you construct castles and caves
Out of heavy silence and blank white page?
How do you retreat from the darkness of night
Chase the sun when it withdraws the light
Maybe there’s a simpler path,
A greeting, a wave, a smile, a laugh.

All it takes is something small
To finish the dream and answer the call
Perhaps the castle was not complete,
And a single “Hello,” was all you need
A flag to fly from the steepest tower
The last raindrop in a crystal shower
A droplet becomes the rushing of a river,
A torrent of foam and flooding nearer.

Maybe the stories stay in your head
Maybe one day in hands they are read
Maybe it stays a single word
One is all that needs to be heard
A tiny change inside or out,
Can be big enough a difference to make whispers a shout
And perhaps tomorrow you’ll find within,
The magic that comes when you pick up a pen.