Wakefield wins Louder Than a Bomb DMV National Poetry Slam

Split the Rock
Wakefield High School has had a Poetry Club since March of 2016. This was the club’s third year entering the nation wide poetry slam, Louder Than a Bomb sponsored by Split This Rock, splitthisrock.org. The 2018 LTAB DMV team pictured from left to right are (Sponsor) Ms. Wathen, senior Angel Benites, senior Aniyah Smith, senior Trinity Ewell, and sophomore Takier George. This year was different for this squad. Their goal was to present their poetry well and to make it to the final stage at The Kennedy Center. They didn’t know this would be their year to win. They did it; they won Louder Than a Bomb DMV for Wakefield High School. Poetry Club Sponsor, Ms. Wathen had this to say about the poets, “They worked tirelessly this year. They practiced until 8pm for three weeks, rearranged performance in the 4 round bout up until the day before preliminaries. Then wrote completely new material, and memorized it, for the final stage at The Kennedy Center. No other school did that for this year’s Louder Than a Bomb Slam. That is why they won. They wanted the title bad enough to put that extra work in. They practiced every minute of every day. They gave everything they had for their performances at preliminaries (on Saturday, April 28th at Wilson High School) and the final stage (on Sunday, May 6th at The Kennedy Center). I am proud that they stuck together and supported each other in every way. As this is the only slam I know of where the school wins and not an individual poet, it was a real team win for Wakefield.” The Broadcast Journalism class is in the editing stages of a mini-documentary capturing these moments for those who could not see the LTAB DMV performances. It will be on the school newspaper’s site The Chieftain, whschief.com, the week of May 23rd.