Wakefield Theater Wins

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Nora Lost performed by Wakefield Theater

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Wakefield’s one-act play, Nora’s Lost on being selected 1st place at the Liberty District One Act Play Competition which was held January 21st at Marshall High School. Journey Sharp was awarded the All Star Cast. Cast and crew members were in the Theatre Arts III and IV class under the direction of Chris Gillespie and include: Anneliese Odegard, Journey Sharp, Shahara Khatun, Savannah Cook, Katerina Larrick, Kiara Epps, Jahnai Williams, Carson Stadler, Leo Myers, Jessica Spindler, Penelope Wagner, Tony Rodriguez-Cossio, Marcos O’Connor, Adrian Ulm, Anton Soszey, Bee Bell, Tara Hartman, and Emily Bell.


The Region competition will be held at Marshall High School on February 8th.

Wakefield’s time slot is at 7 PM.


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