Senior Project Students Spend Night in a Box to Support ASPAN

Several seniors, as part of our Senior Projects, have organized the annual “Night in a Box” event at Wakefield on Thursday, March 14. The main focus of the “Night in a Box” is to understand the plight of our homeless neighbors better. Participants will experience an environment similar to that which homeless people have to endure; we will be sleeping in a cardboard boxes for the duration of one evening in the Wakefield courtyard. “Night in a Box” will be an excellent opportunity for us to raise awareness in our school community.

We also started a Gofundme page to raise money for A-Span and would very much appreciate your help by contributing to our cause.The link to the Gofundme page is  A donation of any size will help!

Thank you,

Jennifer Granados, Wakefield Senior, Lisa Labella, Senior Project Coordinator, Greg Cabana, Senior Project teacher



Night in a Box to support homelessness
Senior Project students support ASPAN