PTA Reflections Contest Winners

  • Literature:
    • 1st:  Charlotte Papacosma; 2nd:  Jason Doll
  • Music:
    Freshman Clara Crawford wins original music composition. Here is a link to the Chieftain article on Clara.
  • Meijin Patil’s photo entitled, “I Matter Because I Embrace the Future”.  Included with her award winning photograph (Outstanding Interpretation), she wrote the following: This is of my brother who graduated high school during the COVID-19 pandemic. We went to one of his favorite spots in place of the ceremony he never had. This photo shows that although he, and his entire class, didn’t celebrate their accomplishments the “traditional” way, what they’ve achieved is extremely significant. His hard work to this point in life still matters enough to be recognized. His future matters just as much as before the pandemic. Despite the sudden disruption in his future plans, he is still embracing what is yet to come. He knows that he still matters.