Governor’s Academy for World Languages Preliminary Application for Summer 2021

Here is the required preliminary application for the VDOE World Languages Governor’s Academy for Spanish, French, German, Latin and Japanese, for current Wakefield students in 10th and 11th grade [].  The form is due November 6, 2020.  Around November 23, students will be informed if they are selected as a Wakefield finalist for their language of study, to compete for a spot at the state level.  Wakefield’s most promising language students should apply – students with a passion for speaking and engaging with the language, and who are likely to show growth at the academy are usually the best candidates.  Students who speak the language at home or who have already had extensive travel or immersion experiences using the language may not qualify.  More information is available here at the Virginia DOE site:  Here are a few highlights from the VDOE site:All nominees must meet the eligibility requirements below. Eligible students:

  • must be juniors or mature sophomores during the current school year, 2019-2020;
  • must not have graduated before the opening of the academy;
  • must be eligible to attend public school in Virginia tuition-free (i.e., be residents of Virginia);
  • must be nominated by a public high school from a Virginia public school division or by a private school accredited by one of the approved accrediting constituent members of the Virginia Council for Private Education;
  • may apply to only one Governor’s summer residential program or foreign language academy per year;
  • may attend only one Governor’s summer residential program or foreign language academy during their high school career; and
  • must be genuinely interested in attending the Foreign Language Academies and have the stamina, emotional maturity, stability, and self-discipline to live away from home for an extended period.

Students of the French, German, and Spanish Academies must meet the additional criteria below. Eligible students:

  • must have completed at least level three of the language prior to the beginning of the academy;
  • must have developed good proficiency in using this language; and
  • must be willing to use the target language for all social and academic interactions.

Please contact with any questions.