February 24th: Spring Sports Tryouts Begin

Monday, February 24th: Tryouts for tennis, soccer, lacrosse, outdoor track, crew, baseball and softball all begin.

  • In order for your child to participate in tryouts, they must have done the following:
    1) have submitted a completed VHSL physical packet with physical exam dates after May 1, 2019 to Ms. Kigin; 2) have current medical or accident insurance
  • If your child played a sport this past fall or winter, or have already submitted their physical to Ms. Kigin this school year, they need to fill out their clearance sheet (from Ms. Kigin) from February 18th – 21st in Town Hall during all lunches, or in the athletic training room after school from 3:01-4:30.
  • The clearance sheet is only available to be filled out the week prior to tryouts.
  • If your child has yet to turn in their paperwork, the packet is available for download on the Wakefield website, or hard copies are available in the activities office, room E-117.
  • Physicals can be turned in after school any day to the athletic training room, or to town hall during lunches from February 18th-21st.
  • Students are also able to turn physicals in on the first day of tryouts after school, but there will be a long line and it is likely that many children will miss the first day of tryouts while standing in line (February 18th-21st).
  • Please do not turn the packet in to the main office. If you would like to drop it off, you may leave it for your child to pick up and they can bring it to the athletic trainer after school.
  • All physical packets are to be turned in, in-person by the child so that if the athletic trainer has any questions or if there are missing signatures, it can be addressed immediately.
  • Parents can purchase accident insurance from this website: https://wakefield.apsva.us/school-accident-insurance/
    It can be your child’s main policy if your child isn’t already covered by health insurance, or as a supplemental policy to cover co-pays, out of pocket costs, etc. in case of an injury or accident.

No Student will be allowed to practice without having a clearance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the athletic trainer via email, Rebecca.Kigin or call the athletic training room, 703-228-6722 between 3-5 pm.