Month: January 2019

All In: Spotlight on Senior Projects

Wakefield Seniors Isaiah Calfee and Jacek Zavora with Del. Patrick Hope and W&L teacher (and ABC weatherman) Ryan Miller lobbying at the State House in Richmond, to designate the European Honeybee as Virginia’s State Pollinator! Wakefield Senior Project students meet with AP, Iliana Gonzales at the start of their internships at Claremont Immersion. Wakefield Woods […]

“All in” Attendance Requirements for 2nd Semester

All In attendance requirements for the 2nd semester. ◦ Spring Sports: Between Jan 28 and Feb 15, not more than 5 UV periods ◦ Fall Sports: From Jan 28-June 19, no more than 40 UV periods ◦ Clubs/SGA: ◦ Jan 28- March 1: No more than 10 UV periods ◦ March 4-March 29: No more […]

Immersion Intensified Biology Students Create Fluorescent Yeast Using CRISPR

Dr. Munoz- Gonzalez’s students used DNA recombinant technology, CRISPR, to transform yeast so it now has green fluorescence when exposed to blue light. The experiment integrates theDNA of a protein in the jellyfish Aequorea Victoria that exhibits green fluorescence when exposed to light, into the DNA of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (regular yeast used for baking). The […]