Latinas Leading Tomorrow C.O.R.E

Creating Opportunities to Reach Excellence (C.O.R.E.) is a structured leadership and mentoring after-school program designed to encourage a strong sense of Latina identity and a desire for academic achievement, leadership, and investment in community service. The program imparts skills to promote team building, help unify the school community, and maximizes the members’ access to academic and enrichment opportunities. C.O.R.E.’s overarching objective is to decrease the achievement gap among Latinas and empower them to graduate high school and complete a post-secondary degree.

LLT C.O.R.E. is sponsored by Veronica Covarrubias & Analia Almada and meets in room B-122 on Tuesdays.
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Wakefield LLT

RT @LLT_Founder: Our LLT board congratulates all our LLT seniors! This past week we had over 30 young women graduate high school.https://t.…
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