In-School Services

In-School Services

Advanced Coursework

Each department in the school offers enriched coursework at every grade level. Please review the “Program of Study” for detailed descriptions of these courses. In some instances, prerequisites are suggested to help students meet the level of rigor expected in these courses. A student does not need to be identified for gifted services to take any course offered at Wakefield High School.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses and the AP Capstone are offered for students who wish to take college level coursework during high school. Students are expected to do college level work within the class and will take the national Advanced Placement examination at the end of the course. The scores from these exams are sent to colleges and students may be able to skip freshman level courses when they enter college based on their scores (contact individual colleges and universities for the scores they accept for credit). All fees for these examinations will be paid by Arlington Public Schools.

Dual Enrollment (DE) courses are offered at Wakefield in partnership with Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA).

2022-2023 DE courses offered at Wakefield:

BIO 141 Biology II/Human Biology
BUS 116 Entrepreneurship I
BUS 165 Entrepreneurship II
ENG 111/112 English 11 or 12
ENG 111/112 English 11 or 12
ENG 255/245 English 12
MTH 154 Advanced Math NOVA Math
MTH 265 Vector Calculus

Early Online College courses are offered asynchronously through NOVA.

Gifted students and their parents are encouraged to discuss the appropriate selection of courses with their counselor and/or the Resource Teacher for the Gifted.

Resource Teacher for the Gifted

Every high school in Arlington County has a Resource Teacher for the Gifted. This person is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the identification process for gifted services,
  • Counseling students and parents about opportunities,
  • Coordinating the application process for county and state programs for gifted students,
  • Disseminating information about summer enrichment and internships,
  • Providing staff development on strategies for differentiating curriculum,
  • Instructing small groups for special projects and assisting teachers with unit development, resource materials, and special activities, and
  • Serving as a liaison with the county office of Gifted Services.