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Diana Dempsey, Resource Teacher for the Gifted

Office: A-130

Instagram: @wakefield_gifted

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About Gifted Services

Arlington Public Schools recognize that certain learners within the school population have unique abilities, interests, needs, and potential for accomplishment. A variety of opportunities are available to gifted students through programs here at Wakefield and at the county and state level. For information regarding Gifted Services in Arlington Public Schools, please visit the APS Gifted Services web page located on the Arlington Public School web site.

Students have the opportunity to participate in intensified and Advanced Placement classes to extend their learning beyond the basic curriculum at the high school level. In addition, students may design their own courses through independent study, summer courses, and dual enrollment with local universities. A variety of summer experiences are also available to advanced high school students. Some of these opportunities are only available to students who have been identified for gifted services; however, most are open to all students in the system who wish to pursue further challenge.

Parents, teachers, other school staff, and community members can refer students to be evaluated for gifted services. Identification committees meet each spring to review students referred for services. More information on the identification process can be found on the APS Gifted Services web page.


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Diana Dempsey

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Diana Dempsey

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