Field Trip Procedures

Staff members welcome to the Field Trip planning page. All of the information you need to complete your trips are here. Whether your trip is Academic or Athletic you will be successful by completing and turning these forms in sooner than later. Day field trips require 4 weeks of lead team to schedule and get transportation approved. APS will not approve your bus any less than 2 weeks out. Overnight field trips will need 6 weeks of lead time. Please complete the Field Guidelines first and bring to the DSA Office for approval. If students need to pay and fees to travel you must get the form signed by the Principal first, then bring to DSA Office.

If your trip is overnight you need to provide the Field Trip Guidelines form along with Hotel Information and pricing for trip. You also need to provide a full itinerary for the entire trip with details. Remember to also get a room for the Charter Driver as well. Forms are below:


4 to 6 Weeks: Field Trip Guideline Form/Checklist (Overnight Trip also provide hotel and itinerary)

4 to 6 Weeks: Field Trip Request Form

3 Days Before – Provide kids with Field Trip Permission Form and Luggage Search Form (if overnight)

Day Of: Collect Forms and Luggage Forms (if overnight) Store in secure place while traveling

Return from Trip: Turn in Field Trip Form and Luggage Form to DSA Office Admin Assistant