Academic Support and Tutoring


Warriors’ Period  Monday 10:20-10:50
Lunch Labs: Tuesday- Friday: 10:50-11:50

  • Math Lab
  • The Write Place (English)
  • Science Lab


Enroll in Canvas lab:

Point of Contact:

1) Bridges Program: Michael Griffin, Megan Lordos,TeRay Bingham

2) After School Help: Michael Griffin, Megan Lordos

3) Student’s Counselor

4) Frances Lee, Admin for HILT

World Language-Peer Tutors – Spanish & French Honor Societies-French

Point of Contact: 

1) Student’s Teacher

2) Katy Wheelock, Department Chair

3) Frances Lee, Admin for Foreign Language

Points of Contact:

  1. Bridges Program: Michael Griffin, Megan Lordos
  2. After School Help: tbd
  • EL Level 1 Science
  • EL Environmental Science
  • EL Biology
  • EL Government
  • EL Economics and Personal Finance
  • EL US/VA History
  • EL World History
  • Math Foundations Block
  • EL Algebra/Pre-Algebra Block
  • EL English and Reading Block
  • STARS Mentor Program



Points of Contact:

  1. Student’s Counselor (Analia Almada or  Luis Contreras)
  2. Grade Level Administrator
  3. Erika Johnson, EL Department Chair
  4. Deborah Pettit, EL Lead Teacher
    *courses/resources depend on EL Level
Behavior and Attendance Concerns IAT –
Chair:  Dr. Betty SandersWarriors Plus (9th grade) –Coordinators:  Lynette McCracken, Jasneen Sahni, Al Reid

Point of Contact:


9th-   Dr. Betty Sanders

10th- Maggie Hsu

11th-  Frances Lee

12th-  Jasneen Sahni

2)SPED case carrier & HILT case manager (if applicable)

3)Shaheed Paterson, Attendance Specialist

Emotional Support All of the above supports for Behavior and Attendance.  Please refer to order of contact Points of Contact:
1) Student’s Counselor
2) Lynette McCracken, Director of Counseling
3) Grade level Administrator
4) SPED case carrier & HILT case manager (if applicable)

Student Service Team Therapists– Vicki Lyons, Marcia Carter, Nancy McKenna

Psychologists –  Greg Myers

Social Workers– Charlene Giles, Leigh Serroka

Substance Abuse-Edgardo Santos

To view this flyer in Spanish go to this link: