2021 Summer Assignments

AP Research Summer Assignment 2021

2021-22 AP Art & Design Summer Assignments


We recognize that this summer will not be a “typical” one, given all that has occurred. We are asking you to read, now more than ever. You should read a wide variety of texts on many topics, and from the perspectives of others that may be of a different race, gender, age, etc. than you. It is important to read books in which you see yourself and others in order to truly be educated. Below are many options that can also be found in hardcopy, ebook, and/or audiobook format from the library, but feel free to branch out to find other books you may enjoy.
Wishing you continued good health and safety,
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Social Studies

Mr. Babichenko’s AP European History (2 links) and AP World History Summer Assignments

AP U.S. Government Summer Assignment – 2021


World Languages